Custom Fertility Treatments Gilbert Chandler AZ

Custom Fertility Treatments

At New Direction Fertility Centers, we don't use one-size-fits-all protocols or treatment plans. We customize a specific plan for your goals, take each step together and uniquely adjust to your needs.

No Hidden Fees

We are transparent with fees. If insurance covers 100%, there will be no hidden out-of-pocket fees, such as "facility fees" or "coordination fees," that are regularly seen at other clinics.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Very Competitive Pricing

State-of-the-Art Lab

State-of-the-Art Lab

We didn't set out to make a futuristic lab; we aimed to bring the lab of the future now. It all starts with air quality. This is why we installed a revolutionary air filtration system, which removes pathogens and other contaminants from the air more effectively than any other system available.

The technology and performance of our LifeAire filtration system is radically different from all other air purification systems used to improve the laboratory and clinical environment.

Optimal Air Quality Ensures

Embryo viability

High pregnancy rates

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Individual Incubators

IVF incubators are the most important piece of equipment in the laboratory. In order to grow embryos in the lab, conditions must be absolutely perfect. Each patient has their own incubator which allows minimal interruption.

Plus, we've invested in high tech incubators to reduce the amount of time embryos are exposed to disruptions in temperature and pH levels. It takes only three minutes to reestablish optimal conditions in our IVF incubators vs nearly two hours in other centers!

Each patient has their own incubator

Maintains stability in temperature and pH

Ensures high pregnancy rates.

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IVF Fertility Treatments Gilbert Chandler Arizona

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), Egg Freezing & Much More.

Everything is done at our facility. Unlike other satellite clinics who say they are in the East Valley, we do everything here and are open on the weekends. We don't compromise your cycle because it's the weekend or make you drive to another location on the weekend. Everything, including our IVF, is done here.

Infertility Workup
An evaluation of your history and diagnostic testing to determine a plan of care.

Infertility Treatment
Basic (IUI) and Advanced infertility treatments (IVF) are offered at NDFC.

Genetic Testing
PGD, CCS, Family Balancing are just some of the advanced techniques offered at NDFC.

Gamete Preservation
Freezing your eggs, sperm, or embryos is not only possible but affordable with NDFC.

Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Myomectomy, TESE, PESA, and MESA are available to our patients.

PCOS, Thyroid disorders, Abnormal vagina bleeding.

We strive to make your journey


We make fertility treatment affordable while maintaining high quality care.



All Ultrasounds & Bloods

Cycle Teaching

Injection Teaching




All Ultrasounds & Bloods

Cycle Teaching

Injection Teaching

Egg Retrieval

Assisted Hatching

Embryo Freezing

Embryo Thawing

Embryo Transfer

1 Year Storage



All Ultrasounds & Bloods

Cycle Teaching

Injection Teaching

Egg Retrieval

Assisted Hatching

Embryo Biopsy +

PGS Testing ++

Embryo Freezing/Thawing

Embryo Transfer

1 Year Storage

Egg Freezing


All Ultrasounds & Bloods

Cycle Teaching

Injection Teaching

Egg Retrieval

Egg Freezing


  • All Pretesting prior to Treatment (Includes Testing and OCP start visit)
  • All Obstetrical visits after becoming pregnant
  • ICSI ($600)
  • Anesthesia for IVF procedures ($500)
  • Long Term Storage of Embryos, Eggs, or Sperm ($600/$400/$300)
  • PGD Testing (Paid directly to 3rd Party Company)
  • All Medications
  • + Embryo Biopsy includes up to 8 samples
  • ++ PGS Testing includes up to 8 samples
IVF Doctor Gilbert Chandler AZ

More Information.

Answers to some frequently asked questions.


At New Direction, we honestly strive with one goal in mind: to help you get pregnant. Anyone who has met Dr. Amols knows that he truly practices medicine with his heart and that ripples out through his organization.

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IVF Doctor Phoenix Gilbert Chandler Arizona
"We're two for two with New Direction!

Before working with Dr. Amols and his team, we had gone through seven (SEVEN!) years of fertility struggles.

I was told by our last doctor that it was my fault for not getting pregnant because I was so stressed. When I met Dr. Amols, this was the first question I asked him, "Is it my fault I didn't get pregnant?" With a caring twinkle in his eye, he said that women get pregnant in war zones and this doctor had no right to make such an excuse. From day one, we've felt so supported and have been so impressed with the level of technology (that air quality and incubator tech, oh my!), customization of his protocols and his compassionate staff. He is a man on a mission to help people start families!

To everyone at New Direction, we are eternally grateful to you for facilitating the conception of our two miracle daughters."

Jared and Christie
From the very first consultation with Dr. Amols, I felt completely confident and secure that we had made the right decision. He walked us through every step of the process, and exuded an empathy and understanding of what WE were going through that I’ve never experienced before.
Debbie & Danny
If it wasn't for Dr. Amols we wouldn't been able to have a family. besides being known as having high success rate Dr Amols is very personal and understanding. He is very compassionate and cares about his clinics. anyone who is looking for a ferlity Doctor, Dr. Amols is the only person I recommended. our twin boys were born 1/28/21 thanks to him and his staff!! From the very first consultation with Dr. Amols, I felt completely confident and secure that we had made the right decision. He walked us through every step of the process, and exuded an empathy and understanding of what WE were going through that I’ve never experienced before.
James N.
Every time we saw Dr. Amols he took the time to answer all of our questions and was interested to know how we felt about the treatment options and procedures he was bringing up. I think it is safe to say that my wife and I have never met a doctor we liked more. He is truly a great person...
Erik and Sarah
Dr. Amols is extremely knowledgeable in the field and has the utmost concern for his patients. His kind, patient and attentive nature made me feel comfortable and helped ease my anxiety about my treatment. From the moment you step through the front door, the level of patient care at New Direction Fertility is ​nothing less than exceptional.

Our Team

Every person was hand selected by Dr. Amols to represent New Direction Fertility Centers whole heartedly. We are more then a fertility center, we are an ideology and every person here believes in our mission.
Dr. Mark Amols IVF Doctor

Mark Amols, MD

Dr. Amols is a family man. He has 4 kids (2 sets of twins). His family is the most important thing to him and is why he is devoted to helping others start their family. He and his wife also went through fertility issues having both struggles and success. His personal journey through fertility issues helps him have empathy for his patients.

Dr. Seth Derman IVF Doctor

Seth Derman, MD

Dr. Derman joins us at New Direction after practicing in Princeton, NJ. As the sole fertility specialist in his group, he had the opportunity to develop a close relationship with the couples in his care, guiding them compassionately though all aspects of fertility care, from start to finish. He now brings his passion for helping couples overcome infertility to our center. He and his wife are the proud parents of 2 grown children. He enjoys travel, photography and the outdoors in his spare time.

Dr. Mark Johnson IVF Doctor

Mark Johnson, MD

Dr Johnson enjoys his role as a reproductive physician. For him, there is no greater professional joy than to assist his patients in the process of having healthy children. As a reproductive physician, his goal is to combine his personal experiences in infertility with over two decades of practicing reproductive medicine, and assist his patients with empathy, compassion, and the highest quality of care to fulfill their dreams of having a family.

Wael Salem, MD, IVF Doctor

Wael Salem, MD

Dr. Salem is deeply committed in helping his patients achieve their family building goals. He believes everyone has a unique journey and approaches fertility care as a shared decision-making process. He enjoys tennis, photography and the occasional binge watching of a good tv show with his wife and daughter.

Michelle Murphy, CNP

Michelle Murphy, CNP

Michelle Murphy is a Nurse Practitioner who has joined New Direction. She has a passion for restorative reproductive health and a zeal for partnering with people in achieving the family they have always dreamed of. She and her husband have two rainbow littles of their own whom color their world with joy. Michelle enjoys food, art and traveling when not in the office.

Gigi Arora, CNP

Gigi Arora, CNP

Gigi Arora is a Certified Nurse Practitioner who is one of the newest members of New Direction Fertility Centers. Originally born and raised in Serbia, Gigi moved to the United States in the early 2000’s. She initially started her career working at one of the largest fertility centers as a IVF nurse coordinator in Chicago, IL. After moving to Phoenix, Gigi continues to bring her passion and drive for providing care for patients seeking to become parents.


FET Nurses
  • Meghan Mitchell-Perronne
  • Jennifer Rotteveel
IVF Nurses
  • Amanda Birdsall
  • Becky Mitchell
  • Jessica Chavez
  • Kamalyn Wilde
Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Gordana Arora
  • Michelle Murphy

IVF (cont...)

  • Marla Catanach, RN (3rd Party)
  • Breanna Winterholler (Surgery)
Medical Assistants
  • Madison Vertin
  • Abigail Tovar
  • Jennifer
  • Stephanie Esterline
  • Erika Quinonez Pena
  • Maraya Cuevas
  • Shy Pike
  • Madeline McCoy
  • Jamalia Hall
  • Juanita Pineda (FET)


  • Kathryn Dewald
  • Janine Neely
  • April Rodriguez
  • Jacqueline Sfreddo
  • Astrid Iturbe
  • Allison Fuller
  • Kailee Fox
  • Emily Taylor
  • Emily Taylor
  • Amanda Steinmetz
Patient Liaison
  • Maria Rico


Front Office
  • Kara Guerrero
  • Makaila Alegria
  • Victoria DeVault
  • Susan Moore
  • April Jones
  • Alycia Samano
  • Shelby Coffin
Office Manager
  • Janilyn Ramsey
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Taco Bout Fertility Tuesday Podcast

A podcast about fertility issues and questions from fertility patients. What makes this podcast different is we delve deeper than the superficial knowledge you get from the internet. We talk about the actual science and studies of many issues. But most of all we remember to celebrate taco's on Tuesday.

Everything is done here, including ...

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