Comprehensive Infertility Workup at New Direction Fertility Centers


At New Direction Fertility Centers, we understand the complexities and emotional aspects of the fertility journey. Our infertility workup is meticulously designed to uncover the underlying causes of fertility issues, leading to a personalized treatment plan. This page provides a detailed overview of each step in our workup process.

Detailed Patient History

  • Personal and Medical Background: We begin with a thorough review of your medical history, lifestyle, and previous fertility experiences. This includes discussing menstrual cycle patterns, past pregnancies, and any genetic factors.
  • Family and Infertility History: Understanding your family’s health history and any history of infertility in the couple, including prior infertility or testing, is crucial in identifying potential hereditary factors affecting fertility.

Ovarian Reserve Assessment

  • FSH and E2 Testing: These tests, conducted on the third day of your menstrual cycle, evaluate follicle-stimulating hormone and estradiol levels, indicating ovarian function.
  • AMH Levels: The Anti-Müllerian Hormone test estimates the remaining egg supply.
  • Antral Follicle Count: This ultrasound evaluates the number of visible follicles, providing insights into the ovarian reserve.

Fallopian Tubes and Uterine Health

  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): This X-ray assesses the fallopian tubes and uterine cavity for blockages or abnormalities.
  • Saline Sonohysterogram (SHG): This test offers a detailed view of the uterine lining to identify issues like polyps or fibroids.

Hormonal and Prenatal Testing

  • Thyroid and Prolactin Levels: We assess these to identify any hormonal imbalances affecting fertility.
  • Vitamin D Assessment: Essential for reproductive health.
  • Genetic Carrier Screening: Identifies potential genetic disorders that could affect offspring.
  • Additional Prenatal Tests: Tailored based on your history and needs.

Semen Analysis

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Assesses sperm count, motility, and morphology to understand male fertility factors.

Additional Individualized Testing

  • Customized Testing: Based on initial results, we may recommend further specific tests to enhance our understanding of your fertility profile.

Review and Formulation of a Treatment Plan

  • Follow-up Consultation: After completing all tests, we schedule a follow-up to discuss the results.
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: We collaborate with you to formulate a tailored treatment plan, considering all the findings from the workup.


Your journey to parenthood is unique and deeply personal. At New Direction Fertility Centers, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, empathetic care throughout your journey. For more information or to begin your fertility assessment, please contact us.